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    NT / 2000 – ISA Server – Proxy client


    by flyfshmn ·

    I am in a NT4.0 domain, mixed with 2000 servers. I have been asked to config the ISA server for a web proxy (running fine). The next part is the deployment of the proxy to the clients pc’s. We want to install the proxy and lock down the ability of users to bypass the proxy by going to Internet Tools. I am wanting to do this without the touching of the desktops unless absolutly needed. I am looking for a script or reg config that I can change remotely.

    I know that if we had AD deployed, this would be a walk in the park – quick. We have ISA installed on 2000AS.

    Any thoughts or ideas….

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      Reply To: NT / 2000 – ISA Server – Proxy client

      by curacao_dejavu ·

      In reply to NT / 2000 – ISA Server – Proxy client

      in the isa server management, servers and arrays, access policy.
      Just configure the protocol rule to access the internet.
      if somebody needs to access the internet they need to have the proxy client and a rule defined that allows them to access the internet (web, icq, email, etc)

      additional note :
      the client may not have a isa server’s ip adress , in the gateway setting (lan connections).
      (else you are doing natting an not firewall proxying)


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