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NT 4 Network

By cap_170 ·
We are currently running Intranetware 4.11 with SP 8a, and we have an office that has an NT 4 Network, we are planning on connecting the two offices via Frame Relay. On the NT server it is running Microsoft Back Office, it is using NetBEUI within the office and the Netware Network is running IPX/SPX. We will probably only need to map over one or two drives off of the Netware server, they will have to authenicate to our Netware server to gain the drive mappings, and some netware clients will have to get access to their network as well.

Do you have any suggestions on connecting these two offices? Types of protocals, clients, and any known issues?

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NT 4 Network

by dcassat In reply to NT 4 Network

1) You can simplify the whole deal by standardizing on TCP/IP and using this protocol on all stations and servers. If you are not familiar with TCP/IP installation and configuration then you have a lot to learn and its probably out of the scope of this answer. Your primary problem at this point is that you will not be able to get to the NT servers from the Netware clients because Netbeui is not routable. For this reason, you must have either IPX or TCP/IP on the NT server.

2) You can add ipx/spx protocol and the netware client to your NT clients and add ipx to your NT server effectively changing to ipx for your main protocol. This is the most simple solution. IPX is routable and will work fine. Performance may be slightly less but will not likely be noticable. Your login scripts on the either server can handle mapping for both servers.

Keep in mind that you are simply extending your network and essentially will have a large network with a Netware and NT server. The only consideration that we need to give the routers is that netbeui is not routable. Try to think into the future and adopt a protocol that will hold up for the next years to come. Hope this helps.

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NT 4 Network

by Shanghai Sam In reply to NT 4 Network

I would suggest on the NT Side to install Gateway Services For NetWare on you NT Server. When you intall this service it will require you to intsall the NWLink Protocol (you need this protocol to talk to your Netware Network). There are several steps to implementing Gateway Services For NetWare. Here is the number of the TechNet article on this Service: "Q118469 - GSNW Gateway Requires NTGATEWAY group." Doing the GSNW will keep you from having to have the users to authenicate to the Novell Server, they can access the Novell Server by going through your NT Server. The clients on the NT Side will work the way they are already setup. Hope this helps, Ryan

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