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    NT 4 service pack 1 or 6a


    by jmiller ·

    I am a novice-intermediate with NT 4, We have it implemented at work but I want to play with it at home. I got myself and old 120 day evaluation CD that is the oldest version of 4 I’ve ever seen. Do I have to upgrade to all the service packs from 1 to 6a or can I just upgrade to 6a and that will do all?

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      It depends (of course!)…

      by bklein ·

      In reply to NT 4 service pack 1 or 6a

      If you have SP6a on disk, you can load it straight in. If you have to download it, this becomes a pain.

      SP1 doesn’t support the necessary browser(s) to effectively navigate and download microsoft resources. Basically, you need SP3 to run IE4. You need IE4 to retrieve patches from Microsoft. This is lots of fun if you have nothing better to do.

      If you have SP6a on disk, you’re golden.


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      1 to 6a

      by infra_hdc ·

      In reply to NT 4 service pack 1 or 6a

      I have WinNT 4.0 Workstation with SP6.0a, and SP 6.0a have been installed after NT installation (SP1), and system is working without problems.
      This is wrote in SP6RDME.EXE documentation file:
      “Service Pack releases are cumulative, containing all previous Service Pack fixes and any new fixes created after Service Pack 5 (SP5).” IMHO SP6a like too.

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      Re NT 4 service pack 1 or 6a

      by rhythm12 ·

      In reply to NT 4 service pack 1 or 6a

      You should update to sp6 or if available update to sp3. Install IE4 with the active desktop feature. Normally if you find IE4 on a cd sp3 is on the cd as well as it was a prerequisite for NT and IE4. Apply or reapply sp6 and keep going from there with IE5.5 and WindowsUpdate (
      As stated before ‘If you are downloading…this is alot of fun’


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