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    NT 4 Wks in continuous reboot


    by ejeickhoff ·

    Has any experienced NT 4 Wks in a continuous reboot during AutoChk. On several occasions (different systems) if Chkdsk is set to run on the next startup, once the system reboots, chkdsk runs and then will restart and run again and ends up in a continuous loop with no way out. (Running SP 4, single processor).

    Any ideas on the cause and any suggestions on getting out of the cycle without having to reinstall the OS?

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      NT 4 Wks in continuous reboot

      by tchieng ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wks in continuous reboot

      Humm… your NT installation / configuration is corrupted. Your best bet is to use the recovery disks that was created during the installation (if you did do that). Stick that disk in and reboot the PC. You might be able to repair the installation with it. If you don’t have the disks, you can probably try to repair it with the NT installation CD. Proceed as if you are trying to install NT. There will be an option to install, repair and something else I don’t remember. Select repair and see if that works. If neither works, you know what to do…

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      NT 4 Wks in continuous reboot

      by guy ·

      In reply to NT 4 Wks in continuous reboot

      The cause on NT Workstation is likely to be users just turning the power of rather than shutting down properly. (ON server could be due to problems with RAID) If you have a FAT C:\drive then boot from floppy, and rename Autochk.exe which is located in the %systemroot%\system32
      directory. Once Autochk.exe is renamed so it can’t run, you can perform a normal
      shutdown, re-enable the problem drive whose volume caused Autochk to hang, then
      reboot the server. Once back in Windows NT, you can perform data recovery
      procedures by running a manual Chkdsk /F /R or by re-creating the partition and
      restoring data from a current backup.

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