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    NT 4.0 Migration to Windows Server 2003


    by alex.morales ·

    Hello All:
    I’m about to embark on my first real project as a professional IT person and have a few questions regarding this project. First off, we are running a Windows NT 4.0 Domain with only one PDC and no BDC. Don’t ask me why this is like this, because I didn’t do it, but I must fix it. I am going to migrate to a W2k3 server domain, that will have a PDC and a BDC. The BDC will also be acting as a file server. My only problem is the migration path to take. We are a 24/7 business and time is of the essence for us, so any time down will cost us. That is why I want to make this as smooth as possible. I have been doing tons of research and I think my best bet is: Once the hardware is in place, install Windows NT 4.0 on the new hardware as a BDC and then promote it to a PDC. Next I will perform an in place upgrade to Windows Server 2003. This seems a little too easy to me and I’m sure I may be leaving something out. I am also keeping the original NT DC as a backup, just in case everything fails, I can put this NT DC back in place. Does this sound right? I have also been trying to use ADMT both v2 and 3 with no success. Can’t I just create the 75 or so users i have in there manually? There aren’t any special permissions set there. The person who was here before me had just set everybody up as ADMINISTRATOR.

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