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NT 4.0 password override

By pcGregRu ·
I was able to keep an old IBM brick that was connected to a network on a company that no longer is in business. Of course, when I power-up, it goes to the server/password screen. How do i get pass this? I tried to reinstall NT 3.0 with my 3 floppies, but on the 3rd floppy, it says it does not find a CD drive and ends the intall! Well, I can only put a CD or Floppy drive in this laptop- not both. I have a CD drive; can I reinstall NT from the CD only? I think I have one. Should I just use XP? i want to keep my old Excel files on the hard drive. Can I connect the HD to my desktop and get the files- not sure what how the connections would connect as the bus ribbons must be different?
Than I can just format the HD after I put it back in the laptop. I can not afford a new laptop and I hate to see my brick used as a doorstop - and I need those files!

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HD Adapter

by CharlieSpencer In reply to NT 4.0 password override

You can get an adapter that will allow you to connect your laptop's HD to a standard IDE cable. Hook it up as a secondary drive and you should be good to go.

Check the hardware specs on the laptop before you spend the money for XP. Depending on the age, it may not be up to the task.

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Windows 2000 Pro an Option

by willcomp In reply to NT 4.0 password override

You probably don't have adequate horsepower to run XP, but W2K may be a very viable option. It will upgrade an NT 4 installation, saving files and most apps.

Need a PII or better with 128MB RAM for W2K to perform decently.

W2K install CD is bootable and can install from CD provided notebook supports booting from CD drive.


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Thanks Guys

by pcGregRu In reply to Windows 2000 Pro an Optio ...

Yes, I do not remember the specs on the brick, but maybe I can put w2k on it, else I can hit the pc show and get an adapter to hook the hd to my desktop.

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