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    Nt 4.0 to 2000 upgrade


    by kurbanyan ·

    I have single NT 4.0 domain. There are no Web servers in the domain. Planning to upgrade to Win 2000 Active Directory. Domain name is DOMAIN. Is it required to change the name to DOMAIN.COM during the upgrade, or I can leave it as is?

    Thank you for the help.

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      Reply To: Nt 4.0 to 2000 upgrade

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Nt 4.0 to 2000 upgrade

      You can leave it as just DOMAIN. You don’t necessarily need the dot com.

      If necessary, you can change it later, but not without jumping through some hoops – or should I say, windows.

      If you need to rename it later:

      How to Rename the DNS Name of a Windows 2000 Domain;en-us;292541

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      Reply To: Nt 4.0 to 2000 upgrade

      by razz2 ·

      In reply to Nt 4.0 to 2000 upgrade

      To expand on maxwell’s fine answer I would say leave
      the name alone, but with a few notes:

      If your domain has multiple controllers then upgrade
      the PDC first. Also, if you do add an extension then do
      not use “.com” unless it is a public domain that is
      registered. if the namespace is for internal only then
      use something like “.local”.

      Good Luck,


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