NT 4.0 to 2003 Upgrade

By hrathsam ·
We've been trying to resolve an issue but have had several different answers.

We have an environment with 3 NT 4.0 Servers with a PDC and BDC.

We have a brand new Server with Windows 2003 installed. Our plan is to add the Windows2003 Server to the Domain as a BDC and then promote it to the PDC after the users are replicated on this new Server.

We will NOT be using the Active Directory initially and plan on using a "mixed" environment.

Can anybody tell me definitively if this will be a problem?

Step 1) Add W2003 server to NT 4.0 Domain as BDC (not using Active Directory)
Step 2) Promote new W2003 Server (Step 1) as the PDC

Any help is greatly appreciated ASAP!!

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to NT 4.0 to 2003 Upgrade

1. No you cannot use W2003 as a BDC in a NT4 domain. You must use another Windows NT4 OS!

2. Windows 2003 only support Active Directory domains only. There is no PDC/BDC in Windows 2003 they're all peer r/w controllers.

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In-Place upgrade

by rachel.anderson In reply to Windows

The Windows reply is inaccurate. You can upgrade PDCs and BDCs to Windows 2003. It is called an "in-place ugprade" in Mixed mode and the Microsoft KB has instructions.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to In-Place upgrade

Yes, you can upgrade NT4 to 2003 but it will be a half way house of mixed NT/200x domain until you move to full Active Directory. The W2003 server will be a PDC emulator.


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