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NT 4.0 Web services

By mountsdr ·
Randomlly our web services on IIS 4 will stop, without warning and trying to restart them only results in a 2186 error. The only way to restart them is to reboot the server. We have SP 6a installed. There are no funny messages in event log exceptthat the WINS service will all of a sudden terminate at a different time.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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NT 4.0 Web services

by strong002 In reply to NT 4.0 Web services

I would set up performance monitor and monitor the system CPU time, Memory, netowrk card utilization and serveral of the web services. Make sure you monitor the number of web connection. Try to find a base line and see if the problem happens in timewith one of them. This will help you fine bottle necks or memory leaks that may be causing the problem.

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NT 4.0 Web services

by mountsdr In reply to NT 4.0 Web services

This didn't help we already fixed those problems, plus we had a DNS error that was registering the wrong name to the IP address. with this fixed performance was brought back up, but the original problem still occurs.

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