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NT 4.0 WINS Server Config

By TomSal ·
Despite the fact that is been years since I had to install a WINS server, I "thought" I remembered the process being straight forward and simple...apparently I was delusional, because now that I need a WINS server for clients over VPN to view Network Neighborhood - it doesn't appear to be doing jack.

My immediate questions:

1) Does it matter where your WINS server is positioned on the network? (ie which segment, the same segment as a domain controller, etc.)

2) All I should need to do is simply installs WINS server, and then plug in the WINS server address from the client side -- on startup of the WINS server (and startup/login of the client) all should be dandy in the world of WINS serving correct? *-OR-* is that my problem, should I be adding static maps before they (clients) update the WINS themselves?

3) Finally, is it a normal thing to see multiple entries from a single IP address in WINS Manager, example: I have node named THOR at, why does it list THOR twice PLUS it individually lists my NT user account name as well --- all of this is for

Any light shed is greatly appreciated.


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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to NT 4.0 WINS Server Config

1: if I am not mistaken, wins uses netbeui which is not routable wich means it won't going via routers, thus it has to be on the same segment.

3. That is normal.

2. I can not answer this one, I know that you have to enter it at the client, and it's possible to do indeed on the server but I have never done this.

I will add to this (and maybe others can help)I have doen vpn connections with 2 w2k servers. I don't recall if I was able to browse though (i don't think so 99% sure) . What I was able to is to 1 see the server at the other side, and one that server I had mappings to the other servers and printers , etc). pinging ipadress at the other side worked, only the browsing did't, and I had the mappings etc, it wasn't a big issue.

Check if the wins work at 1 side, than another winserver at the other side, and then if the other ends can see each other.


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by TomSal In reply to

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by johnlkeyser In reply to NT 4.0 WINS Server Config

Make sure that when the client logs on dhcp has given the client the ip address of the wins server, I personally just place a hosts file on every vpn client

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by TomSal In reply to

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by Joseph Moore In reply to NT 4.0 WINS Server Config

1) The only machines you will see from a WINS browse list are machines that report to a WINS server. So, if you have several segments (internal LAN segment, extranet LAN segment, Internet DMZ, etc) then either all machines on all segments must report to the same WINS server, or you will need WINS servers on each segment. The machines on each segment will have to report to their segment WINS server. Then you have all WINS servers be push/pull replication partners.

2)Your clients over the VPN will need the WINS IP address in their IP settings. Now, here is how it seems to me. The client will turn their home computer on, and fire up their VPN client. The VPN client connects to your VPN gateway. Only AFTER this point can the clients hit the WINS server. So, the home user will have to refresh their WINS mapping. You see, when their computer turned on and the OS loaded, it would have tried to talk to the WINS server to register itself. But, since the VPN connection was not on at this time, the WINS registration would fail. So, only AFTER the VPN tunnel is up, THEN have the home user refresh their WINS bindings. They can do this from a Command Prompt by typing the following command:


This will release and refresh WINS mappings.

Now, I do NOT know if Win95/98/ME support this command. NT/2K/XP do.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to

3) Yes, this is how it works. You are gonna have WINS records for several NetBIOS codes for the machine name, username, machine account name, messenger service entries for machine and user, etc. I am looking at my WINS server, and there are 5 records for me. This is just how NetBIOS works.

hope this helps

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by TomSal In reply to

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by TomSal In reply to NT 4.0 WINS Server Config

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