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NT and Tetraplegic

By MavMin ·
Our firm recently hired a tetraplegic person.
We are a NT network. The person will be using Dragon Dicate once they log on. However, there is a need to do a hot key or something like that for the Ctrl Alt Del so they can get to the log on screen. Anyone
done anything like this? Thanks!

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NT and Tetraplegic

by astrocat123 In reply to NT and Tetraplegic

if i am not mistaken doing CTRL,ALT,DEL in a windows nt domain will set his perrmissions to adminisrtator and he will need the administration password this will give him full access to the network.i looked up in my handbook , and another guide on dragon speak and there is no mention of using hot keys to operate the program its all done by voice you can use the key board for certain function s or to set dragon speak to reconize a command as a comand instaed of a spoken text for example CTL<ALT turns the mic on and of,in dragon speaking the person can set hot keys in much the same way you set hot keys for a computer game to perform differnt functions. it is a user choice when in dout ask the person how that will affect the operation of your sysytem and his work hope this helps

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