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    NT and XP client in Network?


    by tink! ·

    I’ve got a meeting tomorrow on this, so I need to know quickly…
    Can I network NT 4.0 clients and XP clients in a domain where the server will be running Microsoft SBS 2003?

    The CEO has expressed that he may wish to keep an old workstation on with the new network. The new network clients are all going to be XP Pro. But the old client currently runs NT 4.0 and does not have the min requirements needed to run XP which means it’s going to stay NT 4.0.

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      Depends alot on the hardware

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to NT and XP client in Network?

      Most older NT systems were almost entirely
      populated with some rather dumb units that
      won’t support XP.

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      Not a problem.

      by sardukkan ·

      In reply to NT and XP client in Network?

      A domain is a domain is a domain. The NT client will be able to log into the domain and access the share’s. It may not be able to access some of the new printers on the domain it they don’t have NT drivers made for them.

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      I know this is late but for future reference

      by jrosado ·

      In reply to NT and XP client in Network?

      You need to have Service Pack 6a on NT clients in order for them to participate fully with the AD domain.

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      by jansykora ·

      In reply to NT and XP client in Network?

      NT and XP clients are able to run on AD without any problems. Only thing you need is to update NT clients to SP6a and just to be sure, XP with latest service pack also. Please don’t forget to download security patches and apply them ASAP. You can use SUS for this. And don’t worry about printer drivers. Download them from web and update them on AD server.

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