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NT boot problem

By Shanghai Sam ·
I know there have been other questions on this issue, but here it goes:

My NT4 client work station will not boot from the SCSI hard disk anymore. I can boot from floppy, and everything works fine. I've tried copying the files off the floppy, but no luck. Someone suggested installing NT in a different directory to make the disk bootable again. Could someone give me more info on this? I have the NT CD from which I can boot fine, but it won't recognize the SCSI drive. I type "S" and put afloppy in to load the driver to add the to the list on screen, but when I try to continue, setup tells me it didn't find hard disks.

System info: Intergraph single-CPU system with Symbios Logic PCI 53c895 SCSI adapter, which has one IBM DNES-30**70W hard disk attached to it. C: drive is FAT, and is NTFS. BIOS looks ok to me, and the SCSI is recognized just fine during system startup.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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NT boot problem

by Shanghai Sam In reply to NT boot problem

anymore..? Any idea what may have changed in the time between it worked and it didnt?

When you specify your scsi driver and NT still can not detect your hard drives, it means you are not using the right driver. Either it is wrong for your device,or NT just doesnt like it(ie its not on the ol' compatibility list). Find a new one, try that. When you specify additional drivers, it should read the disk then present a list of options based on what is on the disk(though there may only be one driver in the list to select). Do you indeed see that list, select one and proceed?
Again.. you need a correct/NT-approved driver. I suggest grabbing a new one from their web site and trying again with a different floppy.

I know of one scenario that would lead to your situation. If someone were to go into the WinNT Disk administrator tool and mark some partition besides C: Active, it would lead to C no longer being active/bootable. I believe it also would mean a boot disk would work, and get youin to the OS. I assume that by 'can boot frm a floppy, and everything works fine' means you get into the NT GUI. If that is the case.. you may wish to go into Disk Administrator, right click on the C drive and if the 'mark active' option is available that means its not presently.. so make it so. good luck.


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NT boot problem

by ccsbz In reply to NT boot problem

If you have the right drivers for SCSI
and cannot find the drive, User Deleted you are like Huston!! you need to buy a drive.
If you did not backup, you have a Major problem.

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