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NT drive set up question

By kwandtke ·
Yep, I said NT. Just started working at a place and they still run NT. That is going to change but I need to extend the life of a few servers in the meantime. Found one server very low on space and when looking found it had 3 18G drives that were up and running , split between a 4G C: and a 48G ... But wait.. there is a 72G drive in as well. I check the Compaq SCSI diags and it is seeing all 4 drives but when I go to Disk Administrator I only see the the 3 drives. This is an ML370 Compaq .. I suspect at some time ion the past somebody stuck the 72G drive in (these are all hot swap drives) so it's "there" but what do I need to do to get NT to "see" it so I can format & partition. Sorry for a basic q on an old OS but I never did much hardware work on NT.

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I wonder

by NickNielsen In reply to NT drive set up question

It's possible the 72G drive is formatted in a newer version of NTFS that NT doesn't recognize. Can you take the server off-line long enough to boot to DOS and check it out with FDISK?

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Re: I wonder

by kwandtke In reply to I wonder

Well I could certainly look at that. I would doubt it tho .. none of the servers that would handle that hot swap drive are newer .. I would imagine it's empty .. brand new. I have two other still sealed in the bag drives .. I guess I could pop one of those in and see .. I'll try it.

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Well I wonder ...

by stress junkie In reply to NT drive set up question

... if the SCSI id of the 72 GB drive is the same as another drive on the same SCSI bus.

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by NickNielsen In reply to Well I wonder ...

I'm ashamed to admit that possibility never even occurred to me. Take me out of the server room for a year and I forget everything.

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NT 4 Server

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NT drive set up question

Had some funny ideas about the HDD's that it would accept. If you have more than 1200 Cylinders on the drive NT4 doesn't recognise the drive. If I remember correctly.

I would at the very least make sure that the Drive is actually Blank and then run the FDisk setup utility to create a partition and then with NT running you can run the format option from the Run Line Format Drive Letter what ever is the next one up.


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