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    NT Drive space reported incorrectly


    by jcleek ·

    System: NT 4.0, SP4, Norton Antivirus 5.01, Compaq server

    Problem: Looking at the system (C:) drive properties, the pie chart shows the 4 GB drive is completely full. When you look at the properties for all files and folders on the drive, the total drive space adds up to less than 2GB.

    Already tested: Reinstalled SP4, ran Check disk with /R option, rebooted, used Norton Speed disk to defrag the drive, checked virtual memory which is set to 125 – 250. Scanned with NAV virus def dates 5 June 2000.

    Can’t understand what is happening to 2+ GB of drive space. It is not set for another partition. Drive C: partition takes up the entire disk 0.

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      NT Drive space reported incorrectly

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to NT Drive space reported incorrectly

      Upon start up click the setup hot key in the bottom left corner and check the CMOS settings to see what size HDD is detected.
      Check the temporary folder and see if their are files in folder.

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      NT Drive space reported incorrectly

      by resmith ·

      In reply to NT Drive space reported incorrectly

      I would recommend loading SP6a. Another awesome utility is Server Magic. It has some really awesome hard drive management tools. Plus it allows you to resize drives. As a last resort I would purchase the software. It’s definitely been very useful at our office. It may shed some light on your existing drive problem and be able to fix it.

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      NT Drive space reported incorrectly

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to NT Drive space reported incorrectly

      In order to paint a complete picture, there are a couple of important details missing. One is whether this is a single drive or a RAID array. Also, it would be interesting to know the total amount of RAM and how your pagefile is set up. WIth everything being on drive C, the pagefile, temp files and any memory dump files can rapidly eat up the available space.

      On a Compaq server, you might also want to use Compaq Insight Management agents to give you a better picture of what is happening with the storage.



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      NT Drive space reported incorrectly

      by cbarthel ·

      In reply to NT Drive space reported incorrectly

      I had a problem with this recently when loading NT Workstation. The problem was the hard drive was 13GB, and NT would only recognize 8GB. I found that if a HD has more than 1024 cylinders (typically the larger HDs have this, and use drive translation to make DOS, NT, etc see all the space) NT and DOS won’t recognize it all. So I had to install NT on a 4GB partition.

      I fixed my problem by loading SP5. After reboot I check the Disk Manager, and it showed the rest of the drive (8GB roughly).I formated that as a second partition and everything was cool.

      So try loading SP5, and if that doesn’t work I suggest looking in TekNet. Look in BIOS to see if drive translation is turned on (it should be), and check your HD to see how many cylinders it has. Call the manufacturer and tell them about your problem, they may have a fix.

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