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NT FTP woes

By jon_siegel ·
I am running NT4 sp6 on my server. I have a webpage running, no prob, an FTP server running, no prob. The problem comes when i am now trying to add user accounts to the ftp server. I go to the Inet services manager, and it says there are errors loading W3scfg.dll and fscfg.dll. Then it says there are no administerable services available, which is patently absurd, since the webserver and exchange server, plus ftp are running fine.
What is the prob, and can you tell me how to add user accounts to the ftp server?

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NT FTP woes

by Ian_C In reply to NT FTP woes

Presume you have IIS 4. It's telling you that no administrable services are available not because the services themselves have a problem, but because it hasn't been able to load the libraries it needs to administer them.

These files may be corrupted or may have been overwritten by other software. Sooner or later you'll need to access the ISM so you may wish to re-install. If you don't wish to do that just now, have you tried both the MMC and HTML versions? They use different methods to access the metabase so even if one doesn't work the other might (you error sounds like the MMC that's got problems).

For this current task, I'm not sure whether you're trying to add operators to allow them to administer the FTP server, or whether you're trying to control client access. Operators are configured through ISM, but user access is controlled through the ACLs on the actual folders.

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NT FTP woes

by jon_siegel In reply to NT FTP woes

Sorry, I am an idiot where this is conserned, I am a hardware guy. What is ACL, and how do I access it?

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NT FTP woes

by curlergirl In reply to NT FTP woes

"ACL" is short for "access control list" which is lingo for "people who have permission to access the files", i.e., users and/or groups of users who are given permissions through the security settings on each file/folder. :-)

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