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    NT in a Win2003 Domain


    by richard.lonergan ·

    Ok I’m sure this won’t be an easy response but here goes….

    I have recently inherited a windows network which at best just hangs together. I have 3 servers, 2 with 2003 installed and 1 with NT 4.0. Each server is located in its own domain with its own name although I can get to the shares on each computer when logged into any 1 of the domains. I am now trying to add another 2003 server onto a domain with 2003 already installed but it won’t let me run dcpromo without first running adprep (as I would expect).
    Q..? If each server resides in its own domain (but all servers can see each other) what will adprep /forestprep do with the NT server.

    Just for reference, if I look at the AD Trust and Domains I can only see the Domain I would like to add the new 2003 R2 server to.

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      by richard.lonergan ·

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      Absolutely Nothing

      by rkelly ·

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      the forestprep will do nothing to your NT4 domain controller as the schema partition is not held on this server. The forest prep only extends the schema in the Windows 2003 forest partition, and as this cannot be replcated to NT4 you should be fine. The only thing you need to be worred about is upgrading you forest functional level to one of the Native Mode levels as that will mean your NT 4 domain will probably lose any trust relationship that is already in place.

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