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By yisrael ·
Yesterday, I just passed my 5th NT Certification test. My current tests passed are:

NT Server (70-067)
NT Workstation (70-073)
NT Enterprise (70-06
Net Essentials (70-05
TCP/IP (70-059)

Lucky for me, Microsoft has expired the 6th of the standard set - IIS (70-077). I am looking around at the options for me without the 2000 leap, and it looks like a pain. I have no exchange experience (or need within the company to learn it), SQL Admin looks like a long process, and I probabaly won't use Proxy server or IEAK. I am looking for a quick and easy last test for the MCSE before I need to upgrade later in the year.

P.S. I passed my first test on Dec 14,2000. The last couple of months have been crazy.

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Windows 2000 Accelerated Exam

by VJanssens In reply to NT MCSE

Candidates who have passed 3 Windows NT 4.0 exams (Exams 70-067, 70-068, and 70-073) instead of the 4 core exams at left may take the following: Exam 70-240: Microsoft? Windows? 2000 Accelerated Exam for MCPs Certified on Microsoft? Windows NT? 4.0.(This accelerated, intensive exam, which will be available June 30, 2000, through December 31, 2001, covers the core competencies of exams 70-210, 70-215, 70-216, and 70-217.)

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I know...

by yisrael In reply to Windows 2000 Accelerated ...

I know about that exam. I am planning on taking it. I have ordered the voucher already. I first want my NT MCSE.

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by kevinalexander In reply to NT MCSE

Of all the electives I have ever taken Exchange 5.5 was by far the easiest. There are lots of Outlook questions though, but get the Sybex and Exam Cram books and you should be okay. Another good thing about this exam is that it lasts a lot longer than, for example TCP/IP, so you can use it as an elective for 2000 too.

As for the Accelerated exam - good luck! I failed it but passed all the individual exams easily. I only know 2 people who have passed it, but hey, it's free so why not!

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by yisrael In reply to Exchange?

That was a very helpful idea. I think that when it comes to MCSE tests, it depends on how much you use the software. For example, I had a difficult time with Enterprise test because we don't use NT for the enterprise (we use Novell), but TCP/IP was much easier because I live and breathe TCP/IP. We also don't use exchange so I expect it to be a hard test. Do you think I can learn it easily w/o any experience as yet? (I could always set up the software on my dummy NT box.)

Thanks also on your 2000 update status. I am dreading the 70-240 test because of its enormous size - 110 questions in 4 hours.

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That's okay

by kevinalexander In reply to Thanks

The Exchange exam really should be quite hard because Exchange 5.5 is a massive application. However, for some reason best known to Microsoft all my collegues who have taken this exam found it the easiest, even those with no actual experience.

In contrast, IEAK should be the easiest exam around because there is so little to it, but it's the only exam I failed (until the dreaded 70-240)!

The 70-240 is kinda weird and I think you have to pass each of the 4 sections to pass the exam. TheServer and Professional sections were okay, Network Infrastructure was pretty hard and the last one, AD Implementation was incredibly hard ... that's where I failed I think. Also, I've heard the passmark is 80% on this exam, which, if it's true, isunfair because you get harder questions than the individual exams and their passmarks are between 62-68%.

Also, you never get to find out how well you did on the 70-240.

Anyway, I do hope you manage to get the full MCSE in NT4. It's certainly worth doing since you are only one exam away now. Then take the W2K exams too. Be warned though, they are much harder than NT4.

All the best!

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