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NT Multihoming

By ftjones ·
How is it possible to connect a bridged Ethernet network with a router using multihoming?

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NT Multihoming

by rappenp In reply to NT Multihoming

segmenting a network by adding two nics was a common trick under say netware 3.11 with 10 meg cards,it doubled the bandwith doesn't help much now with 100 base/T cards. since one card can just about overrun the bus.

Anyway if you have a N.T server with 2 nics and routing turned on (segment A and Segment B) and only one ethernet port on your router. you can't connect the 2 segments together (routing loop/network crashes) you must either connect the router to one segment and provide a route for the other to the router via the first segment (route add command) this would be the correct answer.

or the other way turn off routing on the nt box. define 2 logical ports on the routers port. (one for each of the segments on the nt box. thenhook both nt ports and the router to a hub.
(Note the latter is to be performed after hours and tested very very well from both segments)


Pete R

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NT Multihoming

by ftjones In reply to NT Multihoming

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NT Multihoming

by Conrad In reply to NT Multihoming

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