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NT NFR Upgrade

By Ewai ·
It's an old question I know, but does anyone have any actual experience of doing an NFR copy of NT upgrade? I'm stuck with a PDC that some berk decided to install as NFR and so cannot migrate away from Novell with limited NFR connections. As I understand it, using the install boot floppies will actually do the upgrade (unlike booting CD) and then sp's and patches need to be reapplied. What about apps, does the registry info survive in tact?
I know I should do a clean install, and will if all else fails, but it would save me a lot of work if I could avoid it.

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NT NFR Upgrade

by curlergirl In reply to NT NFR Upgrade

No way - can't do that. I think you can with Win2K, but not w/NT. I've never heard of doing what you say - using the floppies instead of the CD - as a fix for this. MS says you have to install to a separate directory which, of course, would require reinstallation of all of your apps anyway. If this is a DC, MS recommends using a second machine, install it as BDC, replicate, promote it to PDC, reinstall your main machine as a BDC, replicate, then promote your old machine (now BDC) back to PDC. Then you can remove the second machine. Sorry!

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