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    NT PDC acting up


    by njanear ·

    Things were going okay until…we installed our Watchguard firebox, things started to get a little screwey. We have a small network (1) PDC/Exchange (1) BDC, my BDC crashed, out of the picture, it was running WINS so I moved that to another server. I noticed the entire network wasn’t showing up in net neighborhood. Thinking it may have been the ARP table, I rebooted the PDC, then the fun began. Most of the services would not start (error 1068, dependancy error). Strangely taking it off thefirewall, stopping WINS and rebooting it brought the services back up (yes, bizaree oh world troubleshooting, I’m spazzing, e-mail down etc.). But all is not good, if I try opening net neighborhood on any workstation I get the remote server is not available, also server manager on the PDC opens with a DC not available error. I can ping it by name/IP and seemingly it is authenticating log on requests. All the services started without error. I want to rebuild my BDC, but kind of stuck at the moment. I know it’s something stupid.

    It’s been playing heck on the Exchange portion now, with Communications errors trying to open Exchange admin, until reboot.

    TIA for any suggestions,


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