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    NT SBS 4.5 – Proxy Server shutting down


    by andy ·

    I have a couple of clients who are experiencing an un-expected shutdown of all proxy server services except winsock proxy. If you restart them they work OK for a while and then shut down again – has anyone got any ideas why?

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      NT SBS 4.5 – Proxy Server shutting down

      by rgun2515 ·

      In reply to NT SBS 4.5 – Proxy Server shutting down

      I was having the same problem. (See posting IIS4.0 and Proxy server stops responding from 8/7/01) Code Red V2. It’s not that easy to rid your system of this worm, but here are the steps that worked for me.

      1) Disconnect from WAN
      2) Shut down all PC’s on the LAN
      3) Shut down all servers
      (Code red can reside in the memory of any computer)
      4) Boot PDC
      5) Boot iis/proxy server
      6) install or reinstall Q295534i.exe
      Auto reboot
      7) install or reinstall Q300972i.exe
      Auto reboot
      8) Shut down iis server
      Restart iis server
      9) Run Microsoft Code Red V2 Cleaner (CodeRedCleanup.exe)
      10) Shut down iis server
      11) Connect to WAN
      12) Restart iis server
      13) TEST
      So far so good for me…

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