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NT Server System Resources

By MsWight ·
NT Server used pretty much as print server - ever since installed it last September we've had problems with "insufficient system resources" appearing every couple of days and have to reboot the server. I can't see anything running that would use all the system resources except a lot of pipes on the printing end. This is a new RAIDed server that replaced an older one with which we never had this problem. This is definitely a PITA when I am trying to add/modify a user or change security on a directory. The only large application running is Domino on a partition, but this was running on the old machine too with no problems.

Is there a service that's eating the resources that I need to shut down? I can't seem to find anything that's abnormal.

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by djent In reply to NT Server System Resource ...

Could be allocation for registry. Is your page file on the same partition as NT? You can goto task manager for resource use or perfmon to track specific resources. After all is checked, this is not uncommon for NT and should not cause undue concern.

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Could It Be Hardware Issue?

by MsWight In reply to

The new server was mirrored from the old server (which never had any problems). It is causing a whole lot of problems because we are a 27/7 manufacturing company and rebooting the NT server is a major undertaking.

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by djent In reply to Could It Be Hardware Issu ...

If the machine current is resonable similar/ ie: CPU/chipset/ram, hardware should not cause these errors. If you changed RAM config (smaller) you need to change pagefile size. As I said this is fairly common. I had an NT machine rinning for two thatrandomly generate resource errors. for no apparent reason, but never crashed as a result.

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by jamus In reply to NT Server System Resource ...

Are you having any corruption of this file?

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