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NT Server to 2000 & active directory

By dlima ·
I am about to setup MS Exchange 2003 server. In doing this one of the requirements is that you have active directory deployed.

Currently, I only have one domain running on a NT primary domain controller.

Consequently, I will be upgrading the NT box to windows 2000 and deploy active directory.

My question is to those of you who have upgraded your NT box to windows 2000 and have deployed active directory.

What should I expect during the installation process?
Will active directory keep all of my user accounts (SAM)?
My current domain name is ocmnt_1. Will it keep that domain name?
Meanwhile, our ulr domain is . Will active directory want to use a real url as the domain name?

Are there other concerns I should be prepared to address or plan for that I haven?t mentioned above?

Thanks for your help and time

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by ITmanTPC In reply to NT Server to 2000 & activ ...

Microsoft Says:;en-us;298107

beware of wraps.

I believe you can establish the domain. I would setup the domain with with a LANMAN of ocmnt_1 when prompted during Active Directory setup. During setup though, 2000 should pickup your existing domain name, but it should prompt you for the Active Directory Domain name.


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by curlergirl In reply to NT Server to 2000 & activ ...

The upgrade process is pretty smooth, actually - run the install from your PDC while logged into NT4 server and the process will basically upgrade your domain, all computer and user accounts, etc., and install AD.

The domain naming decision comes down to how you're going to handle DNS. I've had differing answers from MS on this, depending on whether you're reading older or newer documentation and who you're talking to. However, I've basically found that using your public domain name as your AD/DNS domain name works very well AS LONG AS you know the difference between your DNS root server and a private DNS server. You need to know who is authoritative for your domain - is it you (your own DNS server) or your ISP. If it is your ISP, you need to be sure that when DNS is installed w/AD, it is NOT configured as a root server for your domain. Then, you configure it to forward to your ISP's DNS servers and you're all set.

In some places, you will read that MS recommends you use an AD/DNS domain name different from your public domain, such as This is also perfectly acceptable as long as you are not hosting the authoritative DNS server for your domain.

If you can, I would remove the "_" character from your NetBIOS domain name, ocmnt_1. In my experience with Exchange 2K (although I've not used 2003 yet), it does not like any kind of domain or site name with an underscore in it. I used to use them also and got rid of them all when I moved to Win2K with AD and Exchange 2K.

Good Luck and hope this helps!

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