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    NT server to NT BDC


    by steve ·

    Once a server is configured as an NT Server is there any way it can be “promoted” to a BDC without re-installing NT?

    If you have to reinstall is a fresh, new copy needed or is there some sort of shortcut?

    Thought I would ask anyway.

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      NT server to NT BDC

      by clpadmin ·

      In reply to NT server to NT BDC

      Unfortunately, you will have to reinstall if you want the member server to become a BDC, and it will have to be a fresh install.

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      NT server to NT BDC

      by corky132 ·

      In reply to NT server to NT BDC

      nope. you can promote a bdc to a pdc or visa versa… however, you can upgrade the member server and THEN change to a BDC.. I think 2000 will let you do that.. Here’s the article on that one…

      Hope that helps..

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      NT server to NT BDC

      by guy ·

      In reply to NT server to NT BDC

      While there is no way to promote a Member Server to a BDC, there are short cuts, check lists to making a fresh install.
      a) Use Setup Manger from the resource Kit to make an answer file. e.g. Unattend.txt
      Then when you install its winnt32 /u:a:unattend.txt if the file is on a floppy.
      b) Plan your installation. How big a c:\ do you need? Where will the WINNT be D: e:c) Finally consider a dual boot on your present machine. The reason if the BDC crashes you can reboot to the Member server and restore from backup, its the fastest way to repair NT.

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