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    NT Server4 used as a bridge between Toke


    by ot-prime ·

    I am trying to use my server as a pass through server or Router. I have clients on the ethernet network who are trying to access the Internet. The Token Ring Lan has access to the internet. At the server I am able to browse the web but from the client machines on the ethernet Lan are unable two. Yes their are 2 nics in server. Each have seperate ip addresses and IP forwarding is set.Ethernet=NT, Token R=Novell & Standalone Server. I am also able to see the NT workgroup on the Token Ring side. What am I doing wrong with the configuration? How should I configure IE? Help!!!

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      NT Server4 used as a bridge between Toke

      by Anonymous ·

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      For zero points?

      I answered this once before, but somehow it has dissappeared. Very suspicious!

      You need some Gateway software in order to translate the token ring packet to ethernet and vice-versa.

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