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NT to 2003 Migration

By dgemcse ·
This could be a tough one....have current NT domain with PDC/BDC. Would like to use migration strategy of bringing in another BDC, and then promoting, and upgrading..BUT AFTER THAT, want to replicate to a CLEAN 2003 server.
What AD role issues will I have and how do i avoid them? This will be the first and only AD box for this domain (unitl later when I bring another in), but since it will be coming from an upgraded NT BDC to 2003 AD, I want to head off any problems when I replicate.....will 2003 replcate master, or FSMT roles? What roles must i be concerned with? Hwo do you replicate with these roles going to the destination server?

What kind of issues could happen with this approach?

Do not have the luxury of installing NT on the destination server, then upgrading, so that is why I want to NT to 2003 AD another box that will be gone after successful upgrade and replication.


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by mohdansar_uddin In reply to NT to 2003 Migration ...h ...

first i need to tell u is in NT domain which u want to upgrade and make 2003server in 2003 there are lot of new features like plug and play hardware and the add hardware wizard is much improved in 2003 when compared to ur NT domain and the topmost priority is in 2003 u we can find activedirectory which is a centralised hierarchial database and that can be helpfull and it also helps in eliminating pdc and bdc if u really want to upgrade ur domain better replace to 2003 instead of waiting. it can save ur work and ur image

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by BFilmFan In reply to NT to 2003 Migration ...h ...

You cannot promote a backup domain controller to being a primary domain controller, if a PDC is functioning in the NT domain.

Your best bet, it is to use migration software to clone the user accounts from the NT domain to the Active Directory domain.

Since you have only one Active Domain controller in the forest, it will be holding both of the forest FSMO roles:

Domain Naming Master
Schema Master

And the 3 domain FSMO roles:

PDC Emulator
Infrastructure Master
RID Master

Thus, the first AD domain controller will be holding 5 roles. Since you have stated this will be a single server forest domain, you will not have the luxury of moving roles to another domain controller. You will also not have much ability to meet availability requirements, if you client has placed these in the system design.

There are tons of migration software on the market. I prefer Quest Controlled Migration Suite.

In addition, if Exchange is in the picture, you will need to plan to update and prep the forest and domain, prior to migrating end user accounts.

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by Gigelul In reply to NT to 2003 Migration ...h ...

6 month ago I was in the same situation like you but my option was to build a new domain and AD and not to migrate from NT domain. This takes me 2 month (100 PCS, 10 Servers, 125 users) but I was alone with all these and current jobs also. In my opinion is more safe/clean in this way and with a good planning the network will work without problem at all this time.

If you want/need details about this scenario post a comment.

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