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NT to 2003 Migration

By med103 ·
I have an NT system and a new 2003 SBS system. I installed the 2003 software before thinking about a migration. I am trying to figure out how to connect the two for a migration. I have a switch and when I connect the two together into the switch the 2003 system keeps giving me a message saying that the network cable is unplugged. I tried setting up the 2003 system to obtain an IP automatically and also manually put on in, but neither worked. However it works when the NT system isn't plugged in. How do I transfer the info from the NT to the 2003 system? CD?

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Well since you've already installed 2003 it might be easier

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NT to 2003 Migration

What you where supposed to do with 2003 Enterprise Server {I suppose that SBS is the same as well} was to install 2003 in mixed mode as that way it can communicate with the NT server. If you just did a clean install of 2003 it will never see the NT unit.

If you have not placed too much on the new server you could always do a reinstall and do it properly this time or depending on the HDD arrangement's it might be easier to pull the data drive/s and temporally install them in the 2003 server. That way you would be able to transfer the data across quickly and error free.

I hope that is of some help to you.


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NT to 2003 Migration

by derek In reply to NT to 2003 Migration

I did an NT4 to sbs2003 migration a few months ago and all in all it went fairly smooth. The doc in the link below covers just about everything you need to know. Naturally, been microsoft some things that the migration wizard should handle need to be looked after manually but all in all I'd reccomend using it.

Re the problem your having connecting both servers at the same time. Are they both on the same domain? a draw back with sbs is that it has to be the PDC.

Best bet is to have your initial domain (my domain) and the sbs2003 domain (mydomain03) on the same subnet.

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