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NT to Solaris 8 printing problem

By eddie b. ·
I have a Sun Ultra 60 running Solaris 8, that has an HP LaserJet 6MP connected to it locally via the parallel port(/dev/ecpp0). The printer does not have an onboard NIC card/Etherenet jack. On the same subnet I have a Gateway E-4200 running Windows NT 4.0. The NT box won't print to the printer. The Solaris machine prints with no problems. So, How do I get the NT machine to print to the printer on the Solaris box? I can't add the printer via NT Add Printer wizard.I've looked everywhere, eg Microsoft, Sun, HP sites, etc., but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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NT to Solaris 8 printing problem

by savatovic In reply to NT to Solaris 8 printing ...

You need to do two things: configure your printer on Solaris and configure your printer on NT. I'm not expert on Solaris, but here is how we did it on some other Unix box.

1. Your Unix must run TCP/IP printing services. These are:
lpr - line printer remote (command that enables you to print from your system to a remote system)
lpd - line printer daemon (this service listens on TCP port 515 for incoming print requests and services them (sends them to a printer).
lpq - line printer query (command that enables you to check status of print queues).
On our Unix these are installed automatically when we install TCP/IP.
So let's asume you have Unix system server1 with IP address You have printer called laser1 which is already configured with lpadmin command or some GUI.
On my Unix we issue command:
lpsystem -tbsd server1|laser1
If you have more printers on more ports, you would issue more commands:
lpsystem -tbsd server1|lasern etc.

2. Let's go to NT
Right click Network Neighborhood, Properties.
Click Services tab.
Click Add.
Click Microsoft TCP/IP Printing.
Click OK
Click OK to close Network Properties.
Supply your NT install CD ROM and reboot if necessary.
Reaply latest NT Service Pack.

Now you have TCP/IP printing on your NT.
Go to Start, Settings, Printers.
Click Add Printer
Select local printer (My Computer).
Click Next.
Printer Wizard shows available ports.
Click Add Port.
Click LPR Port.
Click New Port.
A window apears asking forname or IP address of your server and name of the printer on that server.
Your answer should be Server1 or
and laser1 as printer name.
Click OK and proceed with adding appropriate drivers etc.
You should then be able to print to your Unix printer.

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NT to Solaris 8 printing problem

by eddie b. In reply to NT to Solaris 8 printing ...

Although, I believe in theory, that these steps should work, because I've seen these steps outlined in Sun and Microsoft documentation, for some reason it's still not working for me. I've scoured different sources and still can't get my NT box to print to the Solaris Printer. I really do appreciate the response though. Thank you.

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