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NT to Windows 2000 server migration

By flyingknees ·
Does anyone have a good solution for this scenario?

I have a NT PDC.
I have a plain Windows 2000 member server with no AD on it.

I cannot simply upgrade the NT PDC to W2K Server because the bloody C: partition is too small. I don't have software available that can resize the partition on the fly. Partition Magic doesn't work either on servers.

I was thinking of creating a BDC, promoting that first, demoting the PDC. Then upgrade the BDC to Win2K and finally DCPROMO the W2K Member server to become DC. Does that sound ok?

Someone suggested I ghost the NT PDC and repartition it when I restore the image but I've never done that before.

Any suggestions?

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by erikdr In reply to NT to Windows 2000 server ...

Your first option, BDC and then promote, is by far the better. Ghost/repartition would only work when hardware is compatible enough.

However I don't see the need for a 3rd server. You could simply upgrade the temporary NT BDC to W2000, but that means a reinstall of what you've done now already. A 3rd server, as you describe, would work too - but take care, in your model THAT would get the Global Catalog roles, the 'PDC emulator' and so on; so it should be heavy enough and would get a permanent role in the setup...


<Erik> - The Netherlands

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by tom.vangierdegom In reply to NT to Windows 2000 server ...

You have to downgrade your pdc to a member server with a program called Upromote. Then you can upgrade your server.

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