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NT User id Renaming and Profile Carryove

By mcginlej ·
I have a WinNT PDC. I would like to rename every profile
to fit a new naming convention. Users are running
Win2000. When I change the profile name this would cause everyone to login under the new profile thus losing their personal settings untilthey are transfered over. In a large enviornment of over 100 users I would have to go to everydesk to move thier personal setting over and resetup
thier email in Outlook, not something I look forward to.
My question is: Is there a utility that could rename all these profiles and not lose thier personal settings??
Thanks for the help.

James McGinley

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NT User id Renaming and Profile Carryove

by Shanghai Sam In reply to NT User id Renaming and P ...


I believe you will find if you renamed your user accounts (try a test account) that your users would continue to use their existing profiles because the SIDs have not changed--basically when you look in "c:\documents and settings" or equivalent in your environment you should find the original user profiles. This only becomes a problem for support staff and users looking for their profiles and get confused.

If you try remotely to rename the profiles, you could also change the reference in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\(sid you're looking for)\ProfileImagePath to what you renamed the account/profile to, but links in programs like Outlook inside the profile might break, thus forcing you to recreate profiles anyway--worth investigating in your environment, though.

There is a tool for user account migration from NT domains to 2000 domains (It would probably work for account renames only as well) that will fix all these kinds of issues, but I do not know what it costs...and a fair amount of programming is necessary in large environments. Maybe it will be your cup of tea. The link to the product is

I hope this helps you.


Mike Pedigo

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