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    NT Workstation Printing


    by rmartin ·

    Is there a way to define a default network printer for every user logging into a NT Workstation?

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      NT Workstation Printing

      by syscokid ·

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      One way is to set a system environment variable on the workstation and connect the printer to it in a login script or using Kix32.

      I’m not familiar with Kix scripting myself but I could send you the code we use.

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      NT Workstation Printing

      by guy ·

      In reply to NT Workstation Printing

      Create a logon script e.g. Net USE LPT1 \\machine\printshare
      Save the script in to the Netlogon Share.
      Go to User Manager for domains and select all the users go to the profile button and assign script.
      If you have a tame scripting expert you could add variables like if machinename = wk1 then printer = xxx.

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