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NT4 and corrupt image files!!!

By sostermann ·
We have a server running NT4 server with SP6 and about 1/2 dozen various MACs running OS 9.2 connect to this server to save their artwork to. Recently we have been getting "small" files corruption of random black lines in the files after they are sent to the server over the network. I have replaced the central hub and the only ethernet cables that is common to all computers. Everything seems to be fine on the server accept for some occasional errors in the log stating "Desktop database for volume "xxxxxx" could not be loaded. Reconstructing the database. I could find no specific info on this error and can not figure out where to corruptions are coming from... Any help?????

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Information needed

by The_Roamer In reply to NT4 and corrupt image fil ...

Just some stabs in the dark here, as I don't really understand the error. Does the error message read "volume 'xxxxxx'"? What file system are you using? NTFS or Fat32?

What other applications are running in the background. Checking task manager might give you an idea of other programs that could be causing havoc with the database while saves the the HD are happening. If there are any services running (by checking the services applet in the control panel or the devices applet) that should be or should not be "started".

Are you using a power conditioner on the computers, servers, hubs, switches, routers? Electrical problems with computer equipment can raise problems from very minor to very major and if there is a hub that is recieving an inconsistent voltage, it could definately raise havoc with packets being relayed. It might be worthwhile to test outlets to see if there is one or more that have a high degree of variance in their output.

Are you noticing any collisions on the hubs? I don't mean to sound condescending, but I can't be sure of what has been done and what has not.

You've stated that you checked the cables that are common from the server to the clients, but it may be worthwhile to check the other hubs to make sure that they are not experiencing collisions, as they may (or may not) be connected to your server. If you are noticing collisions, just pull the power and then replace the power and that should reset the hub. If it does not, then you will need to check the client computers to find the offending Network Interface Card and maybe replace it.

I suspect your problem is probably related to some packet transmission problem that could be either hardware or software related.

I apologize if any of this is rediculously simplistic, but some of the biggest problems have some of the easiest solutions.

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