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NT4 Client cant join W2K domain

By safurniss ·
Win2K domain, Server running wins, and dns, and has 2 network cards. NT4 clients cant join, find or logon to this domain. can ping server name and dns name, nslookup works okay. Checked and netbios over tcp/ip has not been disabled and server still supports pre win2k clients (it has not been changed to win2k only in AD sites). I think the problem lies in wins as NT4 uses netbios and especially since any XP or Win2k client (uses dns) will work fine. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

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by BlazNT In reply to NT4 Client cant join W2K ...

Could be either of these issues.
1. The nic it uses first is for the wrong network. Try switching the settings
2. Have you tried unplugging the not used nic while adding to the domain?
3. Binding orders is wrong. Check to see that Microsoft and tcp/ip is first.
I hope this works.

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by gdh19701 In reply to NT4 Client cant join W2K ...

I believe for your WinNT clients, you need to enable NetBEUI on the client NICS. Check to see if this setting is also available on the server NIC.

You mentioned the server is still running in mixed mode, as opposed to native mode. This actually has nothing to do with your client's connectivity problem on your network unless you are running WinNT4.0 servers AND Win2000 servers. If you are running both types of servers, then you would want the Win2k server to remain in MIXED mode. If you only have Win2k servers, it's okay to switch to NATIVE mode. Operative word is SERVERS, it has no affect on the client computers.

If you are running AD on the Win2k server, I would create the computer accounts there first, then try to join the NT40 clients to the domain.

One other thing I would check is to see if you have specified your server to act as a Global Catalog server, since this is required for password authentication of the clients. If you don't have a Global Catalog in your domain, your clients won't be able to join the domain.

Hope this helps

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by Mike Mullins In reply to NT4 Client cant join W2K ...

IF you've enabled NETBIOS over TCP/IP and still can't join the NT4 computer to the domain. Then here is a solution that will always work.
Run Server Manager on the server and create a machine account for the NT4 computer.

Go to the NT4 client and open the file named LMHOST (found in c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc directory) with notepad. Add a PDC entry and a DOMAIN-NAME entry using the following format.

# IP Address "123456789012345*7890" PDCNAME #PRE #DOM:DOMAIN-NAME "DOMAIN-NAME \0x1b" #PRE

NOTE: The Domain-name in this entry is case sensitive. Make sure you enter it in upper case per Q262655 PDC Names Entered in LMHOSTS File are case-sensitive.

Line up the double quotes (") by adding or removing spaces from the comment line, and place the \ on the 16th column (the column marked with the asterisk). You must use SPACES after the name and before the \, not a tab. To help determine where the 16th character is, copy the 1st line above (#IP Address ...) to your LMHOSTS file.

NOTE: Spacing of these entries is imperative. Replace with the IP address of your primary domain controller (PDC), PDCName with the NetBIOS name of your PDC, and Domain with your Windows domain name. There must be a total of 20 characters within the quotations (the domain name plus the appropriate number of spaces to pad up to 15 characters plus the backslash plus the NetBIOS hex representation of the service type).

After you add the above lines, save the file, and exit the editor.
From a command prompt, type the following and press ENTER:
nbtstat -R - to purge the NETBIOS remote cache table

Type the following at a command prompt and then press ENTER:
nbtstat -c

You will now see at least 3 entries for your PDC and one entry for your domain.

Now your NT4 machine knows where the PDC is and the name of the domain. You'll have no problem joining it to the domain.

Good Luck,

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by Operagost In reply to NT4 Client cant join W2K ...

You may be having trouble because your downlevel clients are on a separate subnet. This requires you to add a static WINS mapping for the domain. This is hex type 1C. Make sure that Netbios over TCPIP is still enabled on the NT 4 client as well as the server- it is unclear to me which one you'd checked. On the NT 4 PC, this can be found on the WINS tab.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to NT4 Client cant join W2K ...

Make sure you are running the 128bit SP6 for NT4. Also this may be a cable issue, try manually setting the NIC media type/speed to whatever you hub can handle ie 100Mbs/half duplex or 10Mbs/half duplex (try if you still can't join at 100)

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to NT4 Client cant join W2K ...


Can the nt 4 workstations ping the w2k domain by the netbiosname of the w2k server ?
What's the exact error message when they join the domain (check the one in the eventviewer also.)
I am assuming the w2k as well as the nt4 clients are in the same subnet.
and the last question, what whas the previous setup for the nt4 clients before this.

Pls email me with the answers so we can proceed,


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