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NT4 domain + 2k mbr srvr = Acct Lockouts

By Carol ·
I've recently added a 2000 member server to an NT4 domain. Users are mapping about 3 drives to this member server.

Suddenly it seems several people are getting their accounts locked out, first thing in the morning, or middle of the day in the midst of doing work.

I've been auditing successful and unsuccessful logins / logoffs, and I'm seeing typically User#1 logs in 3Xs (seems each drive mapping on this member server constitutes a seperate login), followed by 3Xs log off. And through out the day I see several folks being locked out, but I dont see what activity is leading to this.

These are Windows 98 clients. They have Norton Corporate v7.5 running on them, and I've wondered if start-up scans are contributing, but I dont see where the scan is scheduled to run with any particular user's credentials. I did have a fella cover for me on vacation, last august and he had everyone in the domain change their password while I was gone.. I was seeing multiple log-ins (seperate log in for windows etc.), but I've had a helper delete the .pwl files and the users should all have a single long in now.

Anyone have some thoughts?

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NT4 domain + 2k mbr srvr = Acct Lockouts

by curlergirl In reply to NT4 domain + 2k mbr srvr ...

Just a thought, not sure if it applies in an NT domain w/a Win2K member, but Win2K security is very sensitive to time differences between workstations and servers. If there is a large time difference between the server and workstations, this can cause security failures and lockouts in the background that are not visible to the user. If you're not synchronizing time on your NT domain, it is very possible that this kind of difference could happen. You could test out if this is causing your problem by manually synching the servers and a few workstations and see if it seems to make a difference. If this is the case, you can use an NT resource kit tool called w32time to set up one of your NT servers as a time server and synchronize your workstations and the Win2K server with it.

Hope this helps!

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