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    NT4 Domain to Win2K Active Directory


    by chris.rodgers ·

    I’m onverting my NT4 Domain to a Active Directory Domain, I’ve done a lot of research but I was wondering for thos of you who have already done it, if there are any things that I should watch out for, I’m not using Wins or any of that currently justusing DNS, I’m also moving the Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 in the process.

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      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to NT4 Domain to Win2K Active Directory

      The key to a successful migration is NOT breaking any of the rules:

      1. A Win2K Domain Controller (DC) CANNOT exist in an NT4 domain (but a Win2K member server can).

      2. An NT4 PDC CANNOT exist in a Win2K Active Directory (AD) domain (but an NT4 BDC can).

      3. In order to migrate the NT4 domain, you MUST install Win2K and AD on the NT4 PDC (will not work with an NT4 BDC).

      4. Active Directory MUST have access to a DNS server that is capable of dynamic updates. Usually this entails installing a local DNS server if it doesn’t already exist.

      5. Exchange 2000 MUST have access to AD (although it isn’t necessary to install Exchange on a DC).

      6. Running dcpromo (which installs AD) will automatically create an AD domain controller.

      Make sure AD is running correctly before trying to install Exchange 2000. Exchange 2000 relies heavily on AD.

      If at all possible conduct an inplace upgrade of Exchange (install Exchange 2000 on the existing Exchange 5.5 box).

      The PDC/BDC relationship (as you know it from NT4) no longer exists in AD. All DCs are essentially co-equals. However, the first DC in the forest and in each domain have some additional roles assigned to them. If your upgrade/migration path includes movinginstallations to newer servers, you may need to transfer these unique roles once the migration is complete.

      If possible, before conducting your migration: take one of your NT4 BDCs and synchronize it with the PDC; take this BDC completely offline(disconnect from the network); if things go horribly wrong with the Win2K/AD installation (despite your best efforts, things just go wrong sometimes), you can quickly reconnect this BDC to the network, and promote it to PDC (after removing the server with the failed install) to get your domain functional again.

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      take you time…

      by zen_q ·

      In reply to NT4 Domain to Win2K Active Directory

      and document your existing nt4 before antything else.
      yep, a too long title but a good advice.
      be sure to extract all informations regarding your users,groups and ACL, both on the file level and on the share level, and on the other resources.
      Usea “bridging” server, configured as a NT4 BDC, upgrade it into a win2k DC and let it synchronise with your domain, don’t hurry the other steps.
      As opposed at that has been said in the reply “rules”, a Win2k DC can exist in a NT4 domain, it will run on a compatible mode (you can build a win2k domain from scratch and then inject your old info, but that’s tricky).
      But i totally agree with the importance of the reliability of the AD before installing Exchange2K, i speak from experience :)-
      I can post a complete point per point checklist of real domain upgrade if you want.

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