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    NT4 proxy server.


    by snide3 ·

    I am running a NT domain with MS Proxy server on my BDC. It was brought to my attention that personnel are connecting their personal laptops to my domain to surf the internet. I have limited bandwith, and am trying to stop these intruders from gaining access to the www. What I have noticed is that if I remove the proxy setting on IE I can still surf the net. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

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      by curacao_dejavu ·

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      You can do 2 things.
      1 install the proxy client on those computers.
      2 give access to the internet (and protocols) to only the groups that you specify.
      If you go into the properties of the winsock, you are able to specify to whom want to give access to and to which protocols.
      Most like it’s set now to anonymous, all users or so, that’s why everybody is able to use your internet. You can also use the logs, and deny access to certain ip adresses (the Lat) , so if they don’t belong in the lat they can not access the internet.

      A possible trick could be the following.
      in usermanager of domain-access rights, select the computername of the domain, and then in the rights of “access this computer via the network, you can specify groups to. if you remove and specify for example that only your domain accounts or authenticated accounts can access the computer, other people can not access the computer and thus ca not use the internet (and in addition yoiu made your computer more secure).

      btw, check the book , implementing and supporting ms proxy 2 isbn: 0-13-011248-8 or similar books.

      check this website out.


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      by snide3 ·

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      Is there anything I can do with my Cisco 4500 to stop this instead?

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