NT4 server and SBS 2003 Server on the Same Domain

By n.h.crosby ·
I have a old NT4 Server SP6a running as PD on my Domain. 6 months ago I added a new SBS 2003 Server to the Same Domian. I know that I can have only one SBS 2003 Domain Controler; however this has worked fine for 6 months the old NT4 runs Vpop3 Email, Panda Business Secuirty, Persopnel File Storage, Network Printing and Backups with Microsoft SQL. The SBS 2003 runs Accounts Software with Pervasive 8 SQL and that it. All woerked fine until we had a large update then we seem to lose Trusted Relationship. If I check the NT4 it says it the PD and that SBS Server is a Backup. It works we still connect to both but we get a lot of error message. I thought that I might move the NT4 down to a new domain say domain1 leavling the SBS as the mast domain and set a trust relation between the two.

q. Would that work?

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I find it hard to believe you created a trust

by CG IT In reply to NT4 server and SBS 2003 S ...

let alone have interoperability between an NT domain and a W2003 AD domain.

If you installed just the Windows 2003 component then joined that server to your NT domain, I could see it work, but then you did not install the SBS components like Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and Exchange Server [along with sharepoint services].

so there is no suggestion I know of on how to get rid of you NT 4 domain structure and leave SBS 2003 AD in it's place.

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Your Correct

by n.h.crosby In reply to I find it hard to believe ...

I had no need to install dhcp, dns or Active Directory. It only a small network and the sbs2003 server was only for pavasive and the accounts software. The mistake I made was buying sbs instead of 2003 standard but sbs was a lot cheaper. I'm not after getting rid the nt4 doamin (i should do) but not yet what i am asking is if I move the nt4 domain from domain to domain-a and then set the sbs2003 as the primary login on domain with a trusted relation ship between both domains this should work. The problem as i understand it is that the nt4 does the backup and i have a drive map from the sbs to nt4 for backup and that where the error is. if i seperate them two 2 seperate domains with trust i think this should work. i know better if i dump nt4 and migrate all the functions to the sbs server but the boss like to keep internet / email on one server and accounts on the other with panda business secuirty between them.

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my suggestion migrate

by CG IT In reply to Your Correct

better off migrating to SBS 2003 using the full install of SBS.

this is a link for a paper on how to migrate from NT4 to SBS 2003.

about half way down the page you'll see a bolded title and a link to a paper on how to migrate.

I can't answer your question about PDCs and BDCs on NT4 both on how to promote a BDC to a PDC on NT.

The domain structure in NT is different than in a W2K or better AD environment.

If you boss thinks NT security is better than you should explain to him the benefits of W2003 AD. The SBS is especially a good server solution for SMBs. You can have mutiple DCs in a SBS environment and assign global catalog role to DCs. All DCs are peers so that you don't have PDCs or BDCs anymore.

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