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NT4 Server on Raid 1 or 5?

By Tech-No-Logic ·
We have a number of new servers arriving and i proposed configuring the NT4 Server OS(Domain Controller) onto a mirrored partition with a hot spare stand-by. One of my colleagues is suggesting we should just install the OS on Raid 5. My previous experiences tell me this isn't a good idea and not the norm but i'm struggling to find and documentation to back this up. As these servers are going to be Domain Controllers with DNS etc.. there is no need for large storage space or the extra redundancy provided by Raid 5, thus taking away some of the performance. I may be wrong but we can't seem to agree on this point. Any views would be appreciated.


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by djent In reply to NT4 Server on Raid 1 or 5 ...

The criteria should be value of data, importance of availability and cost. If I understand you correctly this will be a backup domain controller with littel or no data storage. Raid 5 would be execessive for this purpose.

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by Malcolm R In reply to NT4 Server on Raid 1 or 5 ...

RAID-1 would be more appropriate for the OS partition. The write overhead of RAID-5 will detract from the system's performance. I hope you are using dedicated RAID disk controllers and not depending on NT's software RAID functionality.

P.S. Why are you deploying NT4 instead of Win2k or Win2k3?


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Further Info

by Tech-No-Logic In reply to NT4 Server on Raid 1 or 5 ...

Thanks for the prompt response to this. To clarify a few points raised.
We still run NT4 Domains although most resource servers are now W2K. Politics and a few legacy apps have stopped the migration to AD.
I was planning to replace two old PDCs and 2 old BDCs with new kit and put in two seperate servers running W2k providing DNS\WINS & DHCP. I want to get DNS etc.. onto a W2K platform so the only thing left on NT4 is the Domain itself, hopefully making it easier to migrate to AD when the time comes.
Each server will have a Raid Controller on it as i would be slightly concerned if we had to rely on NT4s Software Raid!
I had planned on putting the OS on a mirror with a hot spare as there is no data storage required.
Hope this clarifies a few things.


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by djent In reply to Further Info

A mirror with timely backups should be sufficient protection.

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