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NT4 Server - User Policy

By digitweak ·
In the user-policy, is there a way to prevent certain users from installing software? In our classroon here, I have students who insist on installing aol, or icq chat apps.......need to stop all installs ASAP....! help please

steve lennox

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by bryand In reply to NT4 Server - User Policy

read the book stevo.

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Policy Editor

by L Lynch In reply to smartass

Use the Policy Editor that comes with NT Server 4 to restrict user access to various items.

Also with the User Manager on each PC, restrict access to various components also.

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Give him a break

by DavidAndGoliath In reply to smartass

Is it necessary to use profanity just because someone asked a question that they probably could have looked up themselves? These discussions are supposed to be for members helping each other. Sometimes a better solution is found from asking an experienced user than from what one can find in a book. If you think the question is dumb, why don't you ignore it instead of attacking the person?

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ahh no problem here!

by digitweak In reply to Give him a break

The poster is actually my intern, trying to be a smrt ***. Sorry for the wasted bandwith. I'll banish him from the forum...hehe


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simply method - to me anyway

by chuckelton In reply to NT4 Server - User Policy

I assume that the students are downloading the software from the Internet.

The way I did it in the school library was to delete all downloaded exe's. Go into Internet Options - Security and disable File Download. We also use a Proxy Server whichis enabled.

How do you keep them from changing the settings back?

Start up command prompt and go to the windows/system folder and use the command - move inetcpl.cpl

This stops the Internet Options menu from coming up. There arelots of programs out there that promise security and we have spent some $1500 on two programs that did not work as stated and are now sitting the box on the shelf.

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