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NT4 Server Username info file!!

By Whatme? ·
Where might I find in Nt4 server, my username info? I had a bad drive and had to rebuild my server. It would be nice to find my old info on my old drive. My BDC failed for some reason.
I have moved all the user Profiles to the new drive and also all the users home folders, to the same locations on the new drive but I need to enter all the usernames.
Any ideas?


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NT4 Server Username info file!!

by vn In reply to NT4 Server Username info ...

If the machine you rebuilt is the BDC... the SID is identical to the PDC. That means that ALL the user info can be REPLICATED from the PDC. Look into replication..and you will have your true solution.

To answer YOUR question...

In order foryour ERD to save the USERS you MUST read up on the command switch /S and /S-. If you don't WILL have troubles, especially if you have a HUGE user list.

The files that STORED the security and user info are as follows:
These files are located in the:
%systemroot%\system32\config directory

The ONLY VIABLE backup method is with a TAPE DRIVE.. Otherwise, you can use the following for future backups to ensure your SAM to fully restore.
NTBACKUP.EXE with registry option set.
REGBACK.EXE from correct NT resource kit.
or manual file backup of the files I stated above.

Hope some of this helps...but, look at the PDC replication to make it easy on you.


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NT4 Server Username info file!!

by Whatme? In reply to NT4 Server Username info ...

Thanks. It was my PDC that went down and the BDC didn't replicate as it should have. IT literally shutdown and would not reboot. I was able to get most of the files and had a distant hope that I could find the user info.
As gfar as Tape Backups go.... our school sytstem doesn't approve or buy anything that they can't see. That may change if this happens again. haha

Thanks again

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NT4 Server Username info file!!

by Whatme? In reply to NT4 Server Username info ...

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