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NT4 won't power down

By Healer ·
The computer won't power down automatically after shutdown. I have checked there is no Advanced Power Management option in NT4 as in XP or 2000. Is there any other factor I need to look at?

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by TheChas In reply to NT4 won't power down

First, for automatic shutdown, the PC MUST be an ATX style system, not an AT style.

How to tell?

ATX power switches are all push button style switches that do not latch in either on or off.

An ATX power connector has 2 rows of 10 pins in a single plug.

An AT power connector is 2 8 pin connectors that plug into a single row of pins.

If the motherboard is a dual mode, (has both AT and ATX power connectors) a jumper and / or BIOS setting needs to be set to enable automatic shut down.

Even if this is a true ATX system, you need to enable ACPI mode in BIOS setup to have the option to shut down.

I don't have access to a NT system to verify device manager settings to enable ACPI features.

In Windows 2000 and XP, you view all devices, and right click on ACPI, then select enable.


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by Healer In reply to

Thanks! I have checked that is it definitely an ATX system, but there is no ACPI mode to enable in the BIOS. So I suppose this is the dead end of the issues.

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by Healer In reply to NT4 won't power down

I can't see where I can respond, so I use Add Comment.

I went into Power Management Setup in BIOS but I couldn't see ACPI item in it.
Anyway the same computer works for Windows 2000 and Windows XP and Windows 98SE as they are also installed. They seem to work by default, ie without me changing any setting.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to NT4 won't power down

NT4 does not come with any power management facilities by default. There may be addons from specific manufacturers you can install to add this facility, laptops are usually covered but desktops may be different story.

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by Healer In reply to

Thanks for your input.

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