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NT4.0 as a client on 2 networks

By GDColeman ·
I need help in configuring an NT 4.0 client that must have a fixed IP address on an internal network as well as a ADSL connection to the internet with a 2nd IP. Will NT 4.0 support multiple NIC cards and IPs on a single machine -- one connected to the internal network and the other to the DSL connection? If not any suggestion how I accomplish this.

Thanks for the help.


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Why MS?

by syadm In reply to NT4.0 as a client on 2 ne ...

Hi Glen!
Yes, NT4 can act as router.
The problem is that, unless You have excellent hardware, this will be slow and unsafe, NT4 has many exploits.
Also You will probably need to buy Firewall software for NT4.
I would choose Mandrake 8 or ObenBSD2.9 for this task. Both these systems can easily be set up as gateway, firewall, dhcp and all this is for free. Mandrake 8 is also easier to install than NT4, if one is a novice on both.

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NT security.

by Addam Moody In reply to Why MS?

Many exploits for NT4?
there are a couple, but id say the majority are actually exploits for IIS. If you use IIS, thats your own problem.

If an NT4 box not running IIS is insecure, then it can only be due to bad administration.

I'm Kent Brockman, and thats my 2 cents.

Addam Moody
Support Desk Engineer

Note: Any ideas or opinions expressed in this post may not directly reflect the opinion of ComputerCORP.

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by JordanA In reply to NT4.0 as a client on 2 ne ...

Yes, you can do this quite easily. Use either hardware profiles (if using two NIC's) or use a program like netswitcher.


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Use EnterNet 300

by Data Ninja In reply to NT4.0 as a client on 2 ne ...

I have successfully accomplished this using a DSL modem, 2nd NIC and EnterNet 300 version 1.5 or greater. In fact, it almost set itself up for me. It set the IP address of the card automatically, set up the PPPoE neccessary for Internet access over Ethernet, and tested the connection. The real problem is working with your DSL provider in what the login settings have to be to get it flying.

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