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    NT40 WS losing data


    by thagan@ftisolutions ·

    Here’s the scoop as explained:
    P2300/128MB RAM/2-13GB IDE drives
    User says data that is saved to the drive
    with the NT program files on it is deleted or corrupted and no longer usable. Took IDE drives out, put in Adaptec AHA2940UW card with 2 Seagate Barracuda drives. Same thing – data lost on the same drive with NT program files.

    Open for suggestions….


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      NT40 WS losing data

      by lister of smeg ·

      In reply to NT40 WS losing data

      It’s a longshot…but are you using profiles??? and does he save things to his personal directory??? if so the data gets updated from the Network everytime they boot up and log off. For a test check how big the users profile is by looking at start,Control Panel, System, user profiles. If the profile is being updated and he is only working from the network or the other way round, change the users profile and make him/her save all the data to a new folder in the root directory. This new folder will notbe replicated and should stay intact.

      Hope this helps

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      NT40 WS losing data

      by ed30 ·

      In reply to NT40 WS losing data

      Profiles are a good start. Are you using roaming profiles? Take a look at Q161334 – Guide to Profiles and Policies for all you would ever want to know — except problems.

      Consider setting up an audit on the directory and track everything while your researching the solution. All data corruption I’ve encountered has been a result of network errors. That isn’t the case in this example.

      Sorry for the interrogation to come…
      Is this a server or workstation? What about replication? Is itconfigured in your domain and can you be accidentally replicating over the files?
      I’m concerned about what the user says. Have you seen it happen? What path is the file is being saved to? Does it happen in other paths?

      More information would behelpful for me.

      Ed Martin, MCSE

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      NT40 WS losing data

      by thagan@ftisolutions ·

      In reply to NT40 WS losing data

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