NtBackup has messed up my backup

By bildozer ·
Here's the deal. I have a backup that I created on 7/25/08. Everything has been working fine, no errors. I have already restored files from this backup without a hitch in the past. Now, the second time files have been deleted, I have been asked to restore them. Now when I select any folders in the backup file and try to restore, NTBackup tells me that the backup file is missing or does not exist, even after choosing that file. I then noticed that another catalogue exists, that shows the same bkf file name but with the date created of 4/19/2009. I then went back to the other catalogue and saw that it quit receiving new files on the day of 4/19/2009. So basically, it appears that on 4/19, NTbackup at 12 am completely destroyed my original backup by replacing it with a new backup. The best part is, the files requested were already deleted by that time, so I cannot restore them. So at this point I have removed all the catalogues from the list and tried opening that bkf file again but still it shows its date of creation as being 4/19/2009 and doesn't contain any files from before that point. I checked the file properties of the bkf and just as it should be, date created is 7/25/2008.
Is there anything I can do, besides hate ntbackup and never use it again?

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Backup Blues

by Jacemg In reply to NtBackup has messed up my ...

Hey Bildozer,

First step is to turn off the scheduled backup task you have enabled. Secondly, try using system restore to restore the drive to an earlier date like sometime in March or February. This may give back the bkf file and the files missing in the first place.

Good luck

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