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NTBackup: Looking for backup devices

By pablok ·
I scripted NTBackup and it stops after the message 'looking for backup devices'.

What is going on?


pablo k

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to NTBackup: Looking for bac ...

"I scripted NTBackup"--more info would be appreciated..soo

When you use NTBackup to backup your NT partition (and other partitions), files that are in use may be bypassed. You can backup inuse files by editing the registry at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Ntbackup\Backup Engine\Backup files inuse

and setting the value to 1. The default is 0 - do not backup inuse files.

You should also edit:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Ntbackup\User Interface\

Skip open files this type REG_SZ has 3 possible settings:
0 = do not skip, wait
1 = skip files that are opened unreadable
2 = wait on open files for Wait time

Wait time this type REG_SZ has a range from 0 to 65535 seconds with a default of 30 seconds.

Certain files will not backup because NT has them open. Others will backup but will corrupt upon restore. The proper way to backup is:

. Run RDISK /S- to backup the registry to the %SystemRoot%\repair directory.
The /S cause the SAM (user accounts) to be backed up, the - prevents an ERD from being created.

. Disconnect users from shares and stop all Services that have databases open
such as WINS, DHCP, Exchange, SQL, etc..

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by pablok In reply to

See answer I gave by mistake instead of using this command field.
In short: I can use the Gui version of NTBackup. Then it pops the same message BUT continues. So I do not think I should change the registry...

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by pablok In reply to NTBackup: Looking for bac ...

I am not sure this is THE answer. If I use the GUI version of NTBackup it pops the same message but continues all the same. So I don't think I should hack the registry.

I am not backing up whole partitions. Only certain directories

But thanks anyhow for your information

pablo k

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by pablok In reply to

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