NTBackup Network Drive Media Not Found Issue

By BaTz281 ·
At my workplace, the Contentserver that hosts our Web site has a series of scheduled backups that run daily via NTBackup. The backups are stored on a USB HDD connected as a mapped drive from a server.

I recently needed to disconnect the USB drive from the server for use elsewhere, and when I reconnected it I realized the drive letter was not static and understandably the backups would not run.

However, I reassigned the drive letter to what it used to be and the backups still will not run automatically, nor if I open Scheduled Tasks and force-start them. I can manually create run-once tasks to the network drive and it works fine. But even if I create a new scheduled task (instead of trying to use one of the pre-existing daily backups that worked up until now) it still says it cannot find the specified media.

Any ideas what the problem could be? There are currently 25 (albeit inoperable) tasks (five weeks of Monday-Friday) which would be painstaking to recreate. And even then, I haven't successfully recreated a scheduled task, so I am at a loss.

Many thanks!


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