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    NTBackup of Exchange 2003


    by lucky ·

    I have an Exchange 2003 server on a Windows 2003 server I tried to do a backup of Exchange not a restore and I keep getting this error.
    Source: ESE BACKUP
    Catagory: Callback
    Event ID: 904

    Information Store (2312) Callback function call ErrESECBPrepareInstanceForBackup ended with error 0xC7FE1F45 Instance not found.

    I keep finding stuff or a restore but not on just doing a backup. Sure could use some help on this.

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      by lucky ·

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      NTBackup is not designed to backup Exchange

      by why me worry? ·

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      The ESE error you are getting is attributed to the Extensible Service Engine, which is what drives the Exchange Message store database. Since the database is always locked by the Exchange services, you will need a backup software, like Symantec’s (formerly Veritas) BackupExec with Exchange plugin to be able to backup the Exchange mail store while it is running. NTBackup is a fairly simple and entry level backup software based on BackupExec, but it just wasn’t designed to backup Exchange or SQL databases.

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