NTBackup problem

By kcarter85 ·
I have a Overland series 2000 tape drive that has two tape drives in it.

When I run NTBackup to backup data to drive 1 everything works fine, But as soon as I want to Backup tape drive 2, Tape 1 crashes saying its a hardware problem.

I know its not a hardware problem because I can run tape drive 1 or 2 by themselves and they backup just fine. Its only when I try to back both of them up at the same time is when everything goes wrong.

I am using Win2k3 server.

Thanks for your help I REALLY do appreciate it.


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Is this the same tape drive that didn't work in December 2009?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to NTBackup problem**08&tag=content;leftCol

Oddly, back then I could understand the question but didn't know the answer.

This time, I can't even understand the question!

What are you describing here? - Backing up hard drives to tape or making a tape backup of another tape?

Edit 'coz I forgot the link!

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Suprisingly no

by kcarter85 In reply to Is this the same tape dri ...

this is a different tape drive.

I apologize for not being more clear, NT backup will not let me back up two tapes at the same time.

It has worked only once, but whenever I run the 2nd schedule...the first one crashes and say "Hardware Failure"

I am trying to figure out if this is a NT backup problem, or a Overland problem.

I dont think it is a Overland problem simply because the hardware we have has two tape drives in it.

this is a photo of the Overland storage we use:

if I am still not explaining it clear please forgive me, I am an intern still in school. I'm just trying to learn this stuff

Thanks again

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you have 2 schedules that start at the same time?

by CG IT In reply to NTBackup problem

it's possible that NT backup wont allow the second schedule to access the drive because the first operation is not complete.

or it's possible that the overland tape drive can't do what you want it to do, simultaneous backups jobs.

what's the manual say?

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thanks for responding so fast

by kcarter85 In reply to you have 2 schedules that ...

I just started working here a year ago, but the people that have worked here longer said that they didnt have this problem when they used MS2000 server.

So I figured that was the problem but it actually worked one time (out of 1000 tries) so I know it will work.

also is there a way to make NT backup allow two schedules to run at the same time?

Thanks again

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