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ntbackup / removable storage

By qb4006 ·
I'm using the backup utility (& removable storage)that
comes with Win 2000 Server to run a backup job to a DLT
tape. The tape ran out of space which generated a message
saying " add media to the free media pool" When I eject
the current tape and add a blank tape to free media the
system sees the tape but the backup job doesn't continue
to backup files.

Whats crazy is that the backup job is listed as "running"
in TASKS but nothing is happeing with the tape - its just
sitting there. How can I get the backup job to continue to
put files on the tape??????

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by d.walker5 In reply to ntbackup / removable stor ...
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Um, my first question would be is why would you spend a few thousand on a DLT tape drive but rely on NT Backup for the backup program? I know this has nothing to do with the problem at hand but I have had enough experience with NT Backup to know not to use it for anything more than creating a recovery disk. Yes it does back up an exchange database but the problems with it outwiegh the benefits You would be better off using Backup Exec or Arcserve. If this is just a one server operation, Backup Exec should suit your needs just fine. I think it's under a thousand too. Just my two cents. Good luck.

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